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WECS Interviews Grow Windham!


Hey Guys,

This week I had the pleasure to talk to Sienna, a grow Windham employee, on my Tuesday show “WECS Presents”. Typically, I do new music on that show exclusively, so it was a nice mix up and a chance to bring a bit of Willimantic into the station as we talked about Double Dollar- an incentive program that will double the amount of food you can get at Farmer’s Markets with SNAP benefits.¬†

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Photo Complimentary of The Eclectic

The Romantic Willimantic Chocolate Fest

Saturday, February 13th marked the 12th Annual Romantic Willimantic Chocolate Festival. It’s an event that I have looked forward to since I stumbled upon it during last year’s¬†Valentines Day weekend. Although the festival appeals to our sense of taste, it is also a day that can appeal to our sense of hearing.

There were four music events that happened this Chocolate Fest. That is a lot of music for such a small town.

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Willimantic’s New River Walkway

This past week, I managed to finally get over to Willimantic’s new River walk, which connects the Hop River Trail to the Airline Trail. This conjunction is not only convenient for long hikers, but I believe will continue to push Willimantic’s expansion, and in turn, the art in the community.

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Winter Update

Hey Guys,

Operations Manager/Music Director Jimmy here.

I thought I would just let everyone know about what has been going on in the station since the summer. Alongside our numerous student and community DJs, we have had a few advances in the station that include all of our listeners.

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